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Vis   à    vie
VIs a vie de la vie
Une larme solitaire
Une larme solitaire ... Une larme solitaire sur un visage de glace ...
Too much
Too much ....Your world is a sad book ....
I would like to thanks each and every one who listened to my songs, people , they are listening to my music, friends and fans, they will listen to my next songs., a special thought for watching m...
Hi this is Oneself I would like to say Thank you for the third place in the music artists charts.Be patient my third album is in progress ,4 songs are already ready for my 3 rd album. Oneself
Hi this is Oneself Thank you very much for the recognition awards , You make my day in a positive way, and I would like to say THANKS to my 4619 anonymous fans, It touched me so much, It give con...
Soul ....Still alive behind my mind ....
Seul ....Face ( Seul )Vers soi même ....
Quoi Coupable
Quoi Coupable !
Oneself Traces Door 3
OneselfTraces Door 3His last compact disc11 songs In English and in French.Rock and Ballads and Bluesy songs

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