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We are preparing for our Fall 2012 season, looking forward to hitting some new venues this fall - new CD "Through the Looking Glass" is almost ready ya'all
Oneself Traces Door 3
OneselfTraces Door 3His last compact disc11 songs In English and in French.Rock and Ballads and Bluesy songs
Occupy Vancouvers death by Data teamI took Sheven the artist who was living in a tent at Occupy visiting from the East coast for the Occupy Vancouver event just to get some idea...
Musicians"Feel Their Instruments" Controls Annoying Sweaty Hands - New! Protects Musical Instruments Too!
Next To You
Next To You From the album 'If I had A Dollar'
Just wanted to introduce myself to my fellow Canadian musicians and songwriters, I have been looking for a space like this to funnel a few of my soundscapes into and get a little feedback and possi...
The long awaited new Single Stop Look & Listen is just getting finished up in Nashville and is set for Release in less then 2 weeks.

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