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  • Created 13 hours ago by ElizabethStorms - 0 comments
    The Fire Within is a collection of eight songs of inspiration and love straight from the soul. Songs that will lift you up, make you think, and capture your heart. Stunningly beautiful vocals from Elizabeth Storms, outstanding guitar and bass work, sequencing and arranging from Lorne K. Hemmerling
    The Fire Within
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  • Created March 20 by songwriter chalam - 0 comments
    The song's lines for the verses, chorus & bridge begin with the letters a,b,c,d.The few grey cells I'm blessed with helped me write the lyrics.Gerry M Peters & Juli, Nashville,made a grand demo of the same.
    "A part of me dies"
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  • Created March 20 by Joanne Stacey - 1 comment
    An album of Traditional Country, Roots, Folk and Americana music you are sure to love!
    My September
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  • Created March 18 by tomslyrics - 0 comments
    Old style country flavor , new lyrics. I am a radio broadcaster who loves to help others get a start on air with my radio show !
    Old Style Country Is Alive
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  • Created February 26 by everettadams - 1 comment
    Country Gospel with a bluegrass flavor, all songs written by Everett Adams, sung by Phillip Grimes. 12 songs, winner of SHAI award.
    I Knew
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  • Created February 12 by rickivanoff - 0 comments
    This album is a collection of songs recorded at different times and in different studios over a period of several years.
    Rick Ivanoff - A Collection
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