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  • Dec 21, 2013
        If you have cool music to share with me...please do! I like alternative, alt-rock, progressive, indie, alt-country, hip-hop (not too many swears please~) and have a radio program I might be able to play your music on. Share and share alike I say! or share on this awesome site! Read more »
  • Jun 16, 2012
        Hey guys as an underground artist in any genre its hard to get yourself off your feet without any promotion, I encourage anyone who views this blog to like my Facebook page, I will like yours back, troll me if you have to, I will. Spread that kind of message, that kind of thing is the greatest way for us unsigned or unpromoted to take advantage of our greatest marketing tool, "the web". Read more »
  • Jun 14, 2012
        I would like to thanks each and every one who listened to my songs, people , they are listening to my music, friends and fans, they will listen to my next songs., a special thought for watching my videos, it goes right to my heart. If you desire to write your comments about my songs and videos, get sure I will take a look at your words closely. And for my next video I don't have any idea Read more »
  • Apr 20, 2012
        Remember when Myspace came out and everyone's first friend on the site was Tom? I do. And I also remember it making me feel like I had someone to turn to for support on the site. I knew if a technical issue arose, I had a friend in Tom. But was he really "there" for us? Did Tom actually want to sit and answer all of our questions? Of course not. I do realize that it would not be possible Read more »