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  • Aug 24, 2012
        Often we are challenged throughout Life, when we face adversity along the way. There are times when we think something is missing from our lives, and we need a complete change of direction. ‘New Beginnings is about a new start, a new perspective on things, or a new journey to grown within ourselves.New Beginnings by Paul FeatherstoneI was so lost, in the shadows,Trapped; beneath a vale Read more »
  • Aug 24, 2012
        This poem entitled ‘Show Me Some Respect!’, also doubles as a dance song, and was entered into two International Song Writing Contests in the United Kingdom and the US. within the Lyrics Only category.I wrote it to empower anyone who have been treated badly, made fun of, bullied, or deceived by another! The poem/song is about someone who is in a relationship with another, and they have Read more »
  • Apr 11, 2012
        Saigon Pharmacy was designed with only one thing in mind.A magical simple concoction of old and new, resulting in a raw,unyielding cure for blues withdrawal.We live by the motto; "What you hear, is what you get" and you'll never hear anything on our recordings that we cannot accomplish or perform in a live setting.Our debut CD ; 'NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED' was recorded "live off the floor" Read more »
  • Apr 3, 2012
        Just working out the blog here as we are new to Canadian Musicians. Stay tuned and or leave a note! Read more »
  • Mar 31, 2012
        The Midtown Blues Band consists of: o Bob Naugler - lead vocals, harmonica, lead, rhythm, slide and acoustic guitar, songwriter o Bob MacDonald - vocals, drums o Kim O'Brien - vocals, keyboards, songwriter o Roland Smith - lead guitar, vocals o Garrie Cook - bass, vocals The new line-up for the Midtown Blues Band is currently performing in the Halifax-Metro area and throughout Nova Scotia. Read more »