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How to Use Twitter’s Vine App for Musicians

Tweet Twitter’s Vine App allows you to upload 6 seconds on looping video. 6 seconds!! You might be thinking what’s the point in a 6 second video? Twitter states that like limiting the characters on twitter to 140 characters, videos on vine are limited to 6 seconds to increase creativity. 1. Share a clip of [...]

Twitter Music

Tweet What is Twitter Music and why you should start using it? You may or may not have heard this week that Twitter uncovered its new foray into music.  It’s already the number one free app across many countries in Apple’s App Store (including Canada). If you’re thinking why another music service or how it [...]

Phone Numbers Are History, Thanks to SocialDial

Tweet Bababoo, Inc. today (Nov 29,2011) announced the release of SocialDial, a new, free mobile app for both iPhone and Android that lets you call and text Facebook and LinkedIn friends without having to know their phone numbers. Users simply log in once to their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and SocialDial builds a new address [...]

Why you NEED a Content Map for Social Media

Tweet Growth in your community through Social Media is directly related to several things: 1. The relevance of the your content to your community (ie: if you’re a chiropractor, are you educating people about back pain or posting on Twitter about who you’re cheering for in the World Cup?) 2. The quality of your content [...]