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Mystery Guitar Man’s Use of Youtube Annotations

Tweet When you watch MGM’s videos on Youtube it comes as no surprise to hear that he’s amongst the top subscribed users on Youtube. This year he has released some incredible videos that have pushed the boundaries of the Youtube annotation feature to make his videos interactive and fun.

Ten Ways to Encourage Fans to Download Your Song

Tweet This is a guest post by On Wednesday I read a great article by Brian Hazard on how to encourage fans to hand over their email address, and I decided to do a bit of a follow up on how to encourage fans to download your music, rather than just bouncing off of [...]

Dealing with Music Piracy in the Digital Age

Tweet I just read an intriguing news story out of Europe, where France is about to initiate a strategy to combat illegal downloading by partially subsidizing a music subscription download card for 18 to 25 year olds. This got me thinking again about the whole issue of piracy in the digital sphere. In the music [...]

CD Release Tips

Tweet So you’ve put your blood, sweat, time, and money into making your brand new CD. Now what? Do you have a plan to make it successful, or were you just going to “get it out there?” One of the best ways to ensure disappointing results with your new CD is to release it with [...]