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Become a Guest Author or Blog Author with Canadian Musicians Blog.

As is a place for Canadians in the music industry to have a voice, we have decided to involve our members’ voices within the site.

Some of our own members have become our journalists, chatroom admins and videos producers. These are just a few of the ways that members can contribute and receive exposure, experience and notoriety. Also, several of our members voice their opinions in our focus groups and online poling. We are aimed at enabling Canadian musicians and industry professionals to connect and draw-on one another’s resources and experiences.

How to become a Author?

The primary goal of the CanadianMusicians Blog is to deliver quality material for Musicians, Bands and music Industry. The secondary goal is to provide a venue for the amazingly talented bloggers that exist within our community. Do you have insights into the music industry? Do you keep current with the trends of technology? Do you have an opinion? (Now THERE’S a loaded question! LOL)

Who can become a CanadianMusicians author?

It’s very simple really. If you are a member with, then send us an email with a brief description of yourself, your skills and your field of interest. Please include a link to some articles you have written so we may review some of your work. And let us know of some of the topics you would like to explore and from what angle you plan to right from. Give us a clear understanding of you passion and direction. Whether you would like to submit a single article, establish a long-term cooperation, or run a series of tutorial articles in a “how to” format, we are interested in discovering what you have to contribute. There is no required length for the article. You can either choose from the list of categories to write from, or you can suggest one of your own. Remember that our readers range from musicians to industry to fans. Our aim is to present exciting, creative articles that also cover recent developments in the Canadian music industry. If you’re interested in contributing in other areas, such as creating lists and compilations of information related to a given topic, we’d love to hear from you. Further reading: Why Guest Blogging is a Powerful Way to Gain Exposure for Your Blog.

Suggested Topics:

• Canadian Musicians / Canadian Music
• Music Marketing/Promotions
• Music Reviews
• Social Media Marketing
• Music Technology
• Music Business
• Music Publishing
• Music Contracts
• Audio Recording Also you can suggest a topic

What do we expect?

Each article published on CanadianMusicians blog needs to meet our quality guidelines which is why not every guest article can be published; however, we strongly believe that there are dozens of musicians, writers or just enthusiasts out there who have something to say and something to share or would like to contribute in our daily research. Expectations for our guest writers are as follows:

• Positive and respectful content (even if you are sharing a negative aspect of something, there is a way to do it with dignity and respect)
• Appropriate language
• A fresh idea or a fresh spin on an old one
• Passion for your topic

Sounds good?

Contact us: We are always glad to make new contacts and explore new possibilities. We’d be glad to have you in our CanadianMusicians blog team!

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