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CanadianMusicians.com web site, all of its resources and all of its tools have been created for one reason – to improve the lives of every person, band, company, and organization associated with the music industry.

Not everyone who’s in the music industry has the same job, or even the same type of job – so we offer you Memberships that help describe who you are and what you do. Solo Artist / Band Memberships are for performers; singers and musicians. Industry Memberships are for businesses that both help musicians put on the show, such as venues, producers and engineers, as well as ones that help the Fans find the music – from retail stores and rental houses to clubs, radio stations and music festival organizations, AND also for the companies and services that make the music industry work – from managers and promoters to accountants, graphic artists, entertainment lawyers and record labels.

Our job is to help industry members connect and non-industry people easily find someone to play music at their function. Why be in the industry for years and still not realize that you may be able to write off a CD on your taxes? Why be frustrated over the question, “Where can I find a bass player that sings?”

Where else can musicians find industry resources, industries find such a targeted market, and fans find new music? Now there is help… Now there is CanadianMusicians.com!

If you have specific questions about Canadian Musicians.com that you’d like answered, send us an e-mail at questions@canadianmusicians.com We also encourage you to explore this site as often as you like. Make some searches, and see why you need to be part of Canadian Musicians.com!

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