I’ve always had a “CAN DO” attitude. I figured that if it can be done, why couldn’t I be the one to do it? I never could find a good enough answer for that question… which is what got me grounded most of my teen years! However, as I matured and focused that attitude in the right direction, it lead me to where I am today.

When I joined the team in February 2009, I knew that I had become part of something that had the potential to impact the world. With the cooperative efforts of the entire team, we set out to establish more than just a business… more than just resources… more than just a social networking site. We set out to build a unique community where people would have the opportunity to not only take advantage of the services and resources, but to contribute from their own resources.

Business, attitude, and atmosphere are the three key elements that make what it is. We believe that we can give ovation and express gratitude and honor to our successful Canadian musicians by inviting them to mentor our emerging artists. Chat rooms and blogs are just a couple of ways our members can learn from others and contribute to the wealth of information that exists within our great nation. Thus creating a standard of quality and excellence for Canadian musicians.

We realize that acquiring fans is easier that keeping fans. Reaching our above mentioned goal of creating a standard of quality and excellence within our community will be evident in the fan loyalty and gaining power that our Musicians attain. Our fan-management resources will also be of asset to our members to ensure their fans receive current information, such as upcoming events, album releases, videos, etc. also presents solutions for promotions, resources, distribution, employment and statistics. is focused on creating depth of quality for our members. For our Industry members to get the most out of targeted marketing. For our Musicians to gain insight , resources and employment to establish and further their music careers. And, of course, for our music lovers to have endless options of good quality Canadian-made music to choose from. Our community focused, mentorship based concepts for business are what sets us apart from the crowd.

We encourage our members to support one another within and without the site. Elevating others around you is a great way to create a positive environment. A positive environment is inviting and engaging. Such an environment draws people in and invites them to stay and contribute. This positive impact has the potential power to effect the world… although, we’re content to start with Canada. I said all of that to say this: Be “Likable” and don’t hesitate to “Like” others. Place widgets wherever you can. Tweet like a bird and, of course, Vibe your admiration to the Nation!

So, get out there and find great music!!! Search by genre, instrument, location or keyword. As you browse through the profiles, you can listen to the music posted, watch videos, read bios, check upcoming events, contact members and, of course, become a FAN!!! Members can create a playlist as they go along. No need to interrupt the flow of music as you browse through the site. As you go along, just keep adding more. Or create a playlist to listen to while you work on homework, get started on dinner, or relax with a cup of hot cocoa with marshmellows, wrapped in a down-filled blanket, in your pink, fuzzy slippers by the fireplace as you munch on bitesize brownies and visualize your next vacation spot … what? Doesn’t everyone do that? The great part about it too, is that you can store the songs you like to your profile’s playlist so you can listen to them again the next time you login.

In closing, my hope is that each new member of will quickly come to realize the opportunities that await them and not hesitate to jump on them. …I just love to brag about how well our members are doing. is … music history in the making!

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