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The Advantages of Advertising on

Banner advertising on gives you significant advantages, including timeliness and scheduling flexibility that conventional print media cannot offer. Among the many benefits:

1. Ultimate Flexibility:
Ad campaigns can start at any time and run at any time on our site. You can schedule your campaign to coincide with a product launch, review, etc... Furthermore campaigns can be timed to suit any schedule, with a start date set for mid-week, or mid-month--in fact, at any desired point whatsoever.

2. Unique Demographic:
Our unique demographic ensures you, the advertiser, that your campaign will be most successful.

3. Variable Ad Content:
Advertising on is not restricted to one creative, your campaign can include one ad, or several. You can also change your creative at any time during your campaign.

4. Multiple Formats:
We have several different campaign types available, ranging from text ads to ads designed in Flash. And 24/7 - "Listen Live" On-Line Radio

5. World Wide Exposure:
Internet "banner and On-line radio" advertising offers access to a potential audience that print media, and classical music print media in particular, can only dream about.

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