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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between CanadianMusician and This exciting collaboration will bring a host of benefits to CanadianMusician users, including a seamless platform to connect and engage with fans through live video streaming. With's state-of-the-art technology, CanadianMusician users will have the ability to reach new audiences, monetize their content, and build a stronger fan base.

This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for CanadianMusicians members to enhance their online presence and grow their careers. We're looking forward to seeing what CanadianMusicians memebrs can achieve with's powerful tools and support.

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How It Works

Arrive Booking Agency makes it easy for you to find paying gigs and connect with your audience!

1. Create a Profile

Create a strong online presence, post your services, interact with a vibrant community, and land more gigs.

2. Locate Your Next Gig

Describe your offerings and provide relevant details such qualifications , available media, and pricing for bookings.

3. Stay Connected

Get booking notifications through email or in-app, and apply with a single tap!


Turn your talent, knowledge and services into income

Daily, is providing opportunities for people with musical talent to connect, be noticed, and have a real chance at making their dreams come true. This all-encompassing website was created by industry experts to meet the needs and demands of performers throughout North America.

  • Free to use. List your services, contacts infos, media and booking rates. We put you directly in touch with clients who are looking for your services.
  • We make it easy for you to find paying gigs and connect with your audience. We get paid when you get paid. No hidden costs. no middle management.
  • Recive booking requets by email or Arrive app. Easily communicate with clients and get booked via an all-inclusive built-in conversation and transaction management system..
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