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Whether you’re seeking musicians and bands, or you’re an event planner seeking musicians for a show or you’re seeking another music industry. CanadianMusicians enables you to post or make connections quickly!


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Don't give up on your next big idea. Create your own independent campaigns and setup your own goals and permissions. Keep 100% of the what you've earned!


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Create unlimited groups and stay connected. Setup your own permissions, approve members and assign officers. Easily stay social while on-the-go.

What Members Are Saying

Great website btw really enjoying the layout, features, and amount of content. 

Brahma Blue

The website looks and navigates really nicely, I love the idea of connecting musicians and industry professionals in an extremely friendly and easy way. We will definitely be shari... 


I just became a new member and was very impressed by how easy it was to set everything up and get started! Best of all, it was free. Thanks again for a very user-friendly site! 

Barbara Diab

I am delighted to be a part of something so amazing like this! being a musician is hard work and I am so inspired by other atrists. 


Social Media is a very important tool for promoting myself and my music online. One of the avenues I use is CanadianMusicians. It’s a great resource and a great way to connec... 

Steve Wingfield
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